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URGENT: 2016 Rope Bridge Safety Warning and Free Replacement for Weaver Cougar, WLC-700 & WLC-730 Models

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Over the past several years, there have been a number of failures of the spliced rope bridge component as shown in the pictures below, which was used in 2013 and prior years on the Weaver Cougar, Weaver WLC-700 and WLC-730 model saddles. Since 2012, we have reminded users that the rope bridges are a replaceable component of the saddle and need to be inspected daily and replaced at the first sign of wear. Inspection includes both the cover and rope ends. Also, if the bridge is ever shock-loaded, replace immediately. Due to the rigorous strain and conditions these rope bridges endure, we strongly recommend replacing the rope bridge at the earlier of the first sign of wear or 6 months. (This recommendation applies to all Weaver Arborist rope and webbing bridges, not just the spliced rope bridges previously utilized.)

Affected Models: Weaver Cougar, WLC-700 and WLC-730 Saddles:

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